Home again, home again…

Whew. Back at last.

Had a GREAT time at Technicon, enjoyed it thoroughly, if you’re ever asked to be a guest there, I recommend it highly. Met a lot of nice people, left a trail of folks who now claim not to recognize me if I’m not wearing a leather corset and the Boots of Doom*…life is good. (And it was worth having Brooke doing the “Lawdy, Miss Scahlett!” snark while lacing me into it just for the look when GRRM turned to me at lunch and said “So what kind of art do you do?” and I could say, with an expression of profound innocence, “I’m a children’s book author.”)

Suffering from the usual post-Con crash…all cons, but particularly when you’re the GoH, tend to take it out of you, because you have to be “on” all weekend–if you’re not on a panel, you’re at the table, being The Artist In Question. And I can do it without any problem, and believe me, I enjoy it thoroughly, but your brain is writing a whole lot of checks and sooner or later the body decides to cash them. (Actually, as many people have noted more eloquently before me, the clothes help with that immensely. They’re like armor. Psychological armor, mostly, although in the case of the boots, they could probably stop a bullet as well.)

So I stumbled into Kevin’s place yesterday, after dropping off the delightful Brooke, with the “charming” and “clever” centers of my brain more or less shut down for repair. He made sure I was fed, and I put in some quality time in an armchair next to the fireplace, with dogs wallowing happily over me. Dogs do not care how charming you are. I love dogs.

Anyway, got home, rescued Ben from the clutches of the vet, where they told me what a lovey cat he is (and he is, he is.) Now I have to do a Digger and unpack the suitcase and change the sheets.

Or possibly I’ll take a nap and THEN do that….

And the wonderful

got a pic of the Boots of Doom (and the knees wearing them.) There’s a leather horned skull on the toe of each boot that isn’t visible in this shot, but you get the gist.

Also, anybody who wants to add me as a friend, go ahead, no need to ask, more the merrier. (I know a few people from Technicon were asking, and it’s easier for a sweeping blanket statement. *grin*)

*”What? No leather? Who are you, and what have you done with our guest of honor?”

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