I finally have a spare moment to blog…been running from pillar to post, doing guest stuff. Brooke, of A Girl And Her Fed is like the best con buddy ever. We arrived late, I more or less dove through the door and into the opening ceremonies–where, to my mild embarassment and great delight, someone pointed at me and said “The boots! You must be Ursula!”–and while I was doing that, she singlehandedly unloaded and set up our dealer tables, and has been manning them patiently while I’ve been gallivanting off. (AND keeping notes on sales. It’s sort of amazing.)

She also took the fact that the hotel room they comped me only had one bed with great good humor, despite the fact that I snore. (Fortunately neither of us flails, because the bed’s only a queen.)

Boots are still awesome, and astonishingly comfortable–I’ve been wearing them for a good fifteen or sixteen hours for two days, and have developed no blisters or crippling agonies. New Rock is AWESOME. Wore the leather corset and gauntlet/sleeve/whatnots today. ( Funny, I don’t remember people wanting their picture taken with me so much at those OTHER cons…)

Many compliments on the tattoo, passed out a lot of business cards for Blue Flame. I suspect between tattoo and leather I’m looking rather alarming. (Hopefully hot, but I’m happy with alarming.) Enjoying it thoroughly.

Panels have been fine–light attendance, except for the one I shared with George R.R. Martin. (Dude. Talk about being outclassed on stage…) I figured it was my job to be funny, and his to be actually informative. Fortunately the man has a great sense of humor.  The title of the panel was “Character Abuse.” He turns to me at the opening and says “I don’t feel I’m particularly abusive. Are you abusive?”

I couldn’t help it. Here I am, wearing black leather from head to toe, looking like an advertisement for the House of Consensual Pain, and the man feeds me a straight line like that in front of a hundred people. I HAD to say it… “Not unless you buy me dinner first, honey.”

…I blame the boots.

Lotta fun. It was rather silly–I mean, Digger on stage with Song of Fire and Ice, of course nobody’s even HEARD of me–but I had a lot of people, Mr. Martin included, tell me that they really enjoyed that panel afterwards, so hey, must’ve gone well. (Spent the guest luncheon with him commiserating over the problems of working with flaky artists, so that was fun, too. Very nice guy. Still felt thoroughly outclassed.)

Sales aren’t bad at all for a small con, paid for boarding Ben, anyway, and lapel pins selling well–yes, I’ll probably try to figure out mailing on those–and one of my fans, to my infinite joy, went out to the ABC store for me. (I admit, I had a brief moment of “I’m sending a fan out for booze. Is this an abuse of power?” But she got free art, and I got absinthe-y stuff (you know, the stuff with the other kind of wormwood, DEFINITELY looking forward to that….)

Anyway, off to go eat, panel on adult art tonight, have to be reasonably fed for that…

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