Cold Turkey Day 3

Third day of non-Effexor!

My mood is actually quite stable, which is nice–I had a brief moment of getting choked up over a billboard of the Dalai Lama, but it’s the time of month for Random Weepy PMS, so that was fine, and since I’m not actually depressed during that state, just prone to tearing up over odd things, it’s perfectly endurable.

Two minor sid-effects and one major…the minor are mildly amusing, actually. Effexor causes fairly serious dry mouth, so I’ve spent two days salivating rather more than I’m used to, and going “What the hell…? Am I DROOLING?” until I realized the cause.

The second is…*cough*…that SSRIs have some weird sexual side-effects, and now my libido is trying to figure out where the hell to settle, which had the VERY unusual side-effect of my having a completely hands-free orgasm while sitting at a stop light yesterday. That’s…I mean, I like sex quite a lot, I’ve got no problems in that regard, and yes, I was admittedly thinking fairly dirty thoughts at the time, but I generally require a little more stimulus than THAT. So that was kind’ve a “WHOA! What the devil is goin’ on down…oh. Okay, I recognize that. Um. That was…um…fun, but a little unsettling. We don’t really need to do that while we’re driving, okay, brain?”*

The MAJOR side-effect is the zaps, which, while not particular powerful, now hit every time I move my eyes rapidly–i.e. I can read slowly, but I cannot glance over at the cat. This means I’m existing in a pretty much constant state of feeling like my brain is twitching. It’s not painful, and I’m more or less able to ignore it, but it’s A) really obnoxious and B) taking a mild toll on my equilibrium. So I’m back to side-swiping doorways, the way I was when I first went on the meds. (It’s balance, not dizziness–I drive just fine, but bugger if I can walk completely straight.)

Hopefully THAT will go away soon–I mean, it’s better than misery, but I Do Not Like It.

On the bright side, energy and productivity waaaaay up. And that’s a GOOD thing.

*I am now somewhat more sympathetic to the male problem of an inconvenient erection, though–the people sitting behind me when the light went green got pretty impatient, but sometimes stuff just happens in your pants, goddamnit.

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