Today is lookin’ fabulous so far.

Celebrated St. Patty’s Day with homemade shepherd’s pie, a bottle of wine, key lime tart, oreo cheesecake, and Irish whiskey, followed by blissful food coma. Slept the sleep of the just and the comatose, and woke to one of the most beloved phrases in the English language–“There’s coffee on the nightstand.”

Had a brief snag when I discovered that one of my back tires was flatter than a fritter, but in addition to making a really kickass shepherd’s pie, the boyfriend is in possession of an air compressor,* which got me on my way–there’s a slow leak on the damn tire, and I really should have twigged that my gas mileage was down again, but since the price of gas is getting stupid, I’d mostly chalked it up to my not getting as much gas for the buck.

Got home, found a nice fat check waiting for me, allowing me to drop a very large payment on the credit card, which is the sort of joy that one really only feels as a Responsible Adult, but maaaaan, that’s a good feeling. Pays off most of my recent vacationing to Michigan and Toronto–when the book advances from Penguin come in, I may even get the damn card paid off, which would make me unbearably happy.

And then a set of sample cards came in from Tree-Free Greetings, who picked up two of my designs, and they look really kickass as well. And Ben’s bloodwork came back absolutely clean, so whatever he got into had no long term effects. He’s going in for a check-up in a few minutes, but definitely seems to be feeling better, since he’s back to grooming me again.

Now, to wrestle him into the carrier…

*I’ve mentioned that I REALLY like this guy, right? Right.

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