A huge pack of imps arrived today, courtesy of the lovely Reece, and god, I see what you people mean–opening these things is like Christmas! Eeee!

Tried “Baku.” Intensely, powerfully anise. My wrists smelled like I was wearing black licorice handcuffs.

Within five minutes, it had vanished completely, leaving no trace behind. Huh.

Well, that made it easy to test the next one…”Poisoned Apple.” Intensely tart apple to start, like getting smacked upside the nose with a Granny Smith. (The bottle smelled vile, actually, but I’m learning to say “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”) Then the apple calms down quite a lot, and there’s something…else…thing…vaguely spiced, maybe a musk. (The description says opium, so maybe that’s it, although in my day, when we smoked REAL opium, it smelled like flowers and diesel. Actually, I would probably wear that, it was a really interesting smell…)

Verdict–I quite like “Poisoned Apple.” Light, after the first assault, but rather sexy.

ETA: Tried Loviatar. Pleasantly musky for a few minutes, then turned to powder. Angus was fascinated by it, though.

Tried “Hellcat.” Cloyingly honey and fruit. Oddly familiar. Sniffed for a few minutes, and then went “My god! I smell like a Bed, Bath, and Beyond!” It’s that EXACT smell. Oy.

Having a devil of a time washing it off.

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