Tried “Isles of Demons.” Great name. Smells a little too perfume-y for me at first blush–definitely floral, definitely sweet. After a few minutes, the musk starts to come through, which is nice, but the topnote–crap, these terms are starting to make SENSE–is still too sweet for my tastes.

Hmm, all this smell-testing is definitely a learning experience–I’ve realized that I automatically don’t like perfume that smells…perfume-y! Mind you, I’m not entirely sure what it is that is registering as “perfume-y” in the back of my brain, whether it’s one particular ingredient or an inherently floral or sweet note, or what. Still looking for one that makes me go “OH GOD YES!” the way that, say, the pumpkin pie Whipped from Villainess does. *grin* But I’m sure I’ll run across it eventually!

All of these reviews are tagged “bpal” by the way, so theoretically you oughta be able to get ’em all together…

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