Running off prints. I don’t mind this particularly, because I can set up a dozen or so to go, and then sneak off and play video games for fifteen minutes while Mr. Printy does his job. (We love Mr. Printy, yes, we do.)

At the moment, I am engaged in a kind of hideous leapfrog between Devil May Cry 1 and Resident Evil 4. I play one until I get stuck with a fight that’s too friggin’ hard. Then I go play the other one until I encounter same. Then I switch back, hoping that I will have fresh energy and enthusiasm.

This was a great idea until I got stuck between two fights that weren’t resolving no matter what. I cannot get out of that damn house with the cultists coming in through the windows, and while I defeated the Black Knight at great personal cost, the follow up fight with a shadowy sabertooth is breakin’ me.

Devil May Cry keeps trying to take pity on me and offer me easy mode, but I am a Real Man ™* and I will not succumb!

(Okay, fine, I succumbed and then it was way too easy and I went back and unsuccumbed. I have my pride. If I wanted a cakewalk, I’d go play Soul Caliber II. Damnit.)

So, naturally, I find myself in the usual gamer’s conundrum…my chosen form of stress relief is making my blood pressure spike.

Now I have to fight a boss, die horribly a few times, go play spider solitaire to unwind, go fight a boss…oh, well, at least the printer’s still going…

*Presence of ovaries notwithstanding. Real Manhood ™ knows no gender!

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