How very odd. Last night I had a dream where I accidentally ate deadly nightshade. It was incredibly bitter. This is the first time I can recall actually tasting something in a dream so intensely–I was gagging and spitting, it was really vile. Then I started to hallucinate like crazy. In the dream. (No pink elephants, alas, just a bad dizziness and strobe-light effect…)

The fact that the school nurse thought that the treatment for atropine poisoning was an injection of ketamine directly into the nose  (the nose!? Why the nose!?) probably didn’t help that bit.

The really odd thing about this was that for the rest of the night, whenever the dream would get disjointed (as is the nature of dreams) I’d think “Crap! It’s the nightshade–I’m having blackouts! I need to get to a hospital!” Which is the first time I can remember my brain really tracking the non-sequential dream sequences and providing a clear, if alarming explanation.

Very weird. Also there was a long bit where I was working in a silkscreen shop, which just makes me think that crap, I really wanna take up silk screening.

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