I had fried alligator for lunch.

My buddy Deb wanted to try out a new Cajun place in town, and while I’m not generally a fan of spicy food, (read: I am a raging wuss) all she had to say was “They have alligator.” Naturally I had to give that a shot.

Basically a tough chicken McNugget with gristle. Edible, but nothin’ to write home about. Better than wild boar bratwurst, not as good as yak.* Still, now I can cross that off my list of Meats That I Have Known.

Despite living in the South, I have yet to have the opportunity to try either possum or squirrel. And really, I’m okay with that.

*The wild boar was almost inedibly gamy. The yak was like a rather greasy beef, but quite tasty. They grow the yaks in Minnesota, which apparently has a climate ideally suited to this Tibetan native, which should probably be something that people know before they move there.

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