Got home this evening and went to check my latest shrine, which I assembled last night, and hoped would be dry by tonight. And it was! Oh glory! Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Oh crap, the bottom panel is on crooked…

I feel pretty good about the construction of these now, anyway–it took some serious force to rip the thing apart. So I took the bottom off, re-aligned it, resealed it, re-slathered it with the stiff modeling paste I’m using to provide strength on the backing, and now it gets to dry overnight again. Le sigh.

An uneventful day in retail. Sundays are always slow. I amused myself putting the matboard cutter through its paces. The beast is called “The Wizard.” However–and this may just prove I’m an unredeemable geek–the first day I walked in and saw the thing, I stopped dead in my tracks and said “HEY!”

Wizard Logo

Look Familiar?

Regardless of the corner cutting on the part of the logo design market, the machine can do some pretty slick stuff. I was impressed, in a frameshop geek sorta way.

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