Calling Art Directors!

Hey there, guys!

I am givin’ a talk at Beloit College next weekend, and one of the sections is going to be on making it as an artist, so I was going to do a little handout about freelancing and the questions you need to ask your art director and the things your art director wants from you.

And it occurs to me that I should probably check in with y’all, and see if those of you on the other side of the desk have anything to add.

So far I’ve covered “Know thy deadline,” “Your art director wants decent art on time much more than he wants great art late,” “Roughs are roughs, not perfectionist masterpieces,” “Stay in communication with your art director because dead silence makes him nervous,” and technical stuff about bleeds and dead space and whatnot.

Am I missing anything, O Art Directors, that you wish your artists knew to do, or knew to ask?

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