Well, I posted the strawberry painting and went to work. I came home to an inbox with nine people asking after it, and a friend on voice mail going “Want strawberry!”

I feel like I’m living on E-bay lately, but no help for it, I guess–I hate making arbitrary “Okay, you!” calls, so the Feral Strawberry is goin’ to auction.*

And, um, have I mentioned lately how much I love you all? I mean, jeez, I am one lucky artist to have you guys all so interested in my art. It’s not just the buying (although the buying pays the bills!) but every time a painting goes up somewhere, or Digger gets a mention, or whatever, I’ve got people letting me know, and posting links and pimpin’ my art every which way, and letting me know about contests and sending me really cool stuff and…jeez. (I got a Digger pony the other day. A Digger pony! How cool izzat? She and Squash Pony can hang out together…)

I feel loved. And grateful. And sort of stupidly lucky. *sniffle*

Anyway! Okay, enough mush, time for a retreat to cold hard capitalism before I get all choked up.

Feral Strawberry Auction

*Note to self: Weird Fruit Miniatures are of interest to people.

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