I have been having an ongoing battle with the heat and A/C in my place–or, more accurately, my poor repair guy has been.

Last week the A/C wouldn’t work, and then the temperature dropped and the heat wouldn’t work, so he came over and took the thing apart, put it back together, and it still didn’t work.

The next day it worked fine. He came back, stared at it for a bit, shrugged and left.

The next day, the A/C cut out again.

He came back, took it all apart, pulled wires out of the ceiling, replaced something in the breaker box, went back and forth a few dozen times, and left, apologizing profusely for the wires spread about the place.

Ben was fascinated by the new modern art/tripwire installation, but it only lasted two days before the guy came back and put it all away.

That was yesterday.

Last night there was a cold snap, the temperature dropped to the mid-thirties, and my A/C may well work fine, but my heat’s out. It’s currently about fifty in my apartment, and I’m having to do the stand-in-front-of-the-stove-for-heat thing. When I went to bed last night, Ben was in bed already, a large, sullen lump wedged up against my pillow. No ninja hunting last night. It was too cold for ninjas, which are, after all, primarily a warm-weather species.*

I feel bad for the repair guy, though. He’s obviously trying very, very hard to figure this out–he’s brought people in for consults, he’s spent hours at it, he talks to Ben. And now I get to tell him that yup, once again, Apt 1412 is Makin’ Trouble.

*Presumably they winter in the tropics and migrate in spring and fall.

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