I Think My Brain Is Metagaming Without Me

So I had this nightmare that somebody was trying to break into my apartment. I freaked out, as one might expect, called the cops, and they came and hauled him away. (It probably didn’t hurt that I had several large dogs of past acquaintance in this dream, who were apparently living in my pantry.) It was scary, but fine, I’ve had worse, not really noteworthy, and then it sort of slid over into a setting that looked a lot like the section of World of Warcraft I’ve been wandering around for the last few days.*

Except that my dreams have a tendency to switch perspectives a lot, so suddenly I’m my own stalker, about to go on trial, in this quasi-fantasy setting, in front of a bunch of knights. And I say, aloud, in my dream “Oh, come on! You expect me to role-play my own stalker?! *Sigh* Well…okay…give me a minute…” And somehow I get into character, and face the assembled knights, and enter a plea of not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity, which annoys the knights to no end, but I recognize the judge who’s also a slimeball that I used to work with back in some other city somewhere, and I get off scot-free and go wandering through the hills talking to my buddy and asking how the heck he wound up here impersonating a judge, whereupon we’re set upon by something that I suspect was a Marsh Lurker from one  of the Zangarmarsh quests, and am buried in angry sentient vegetation. A long-suffering knight was hacking us both loose when Ben came and sat on my chest to register his interest in food.

From this we can probably determine:

A) My brain has some truly strange coping mechanisms.
B) I am playing too much WoW.

*Hellfire Peninsula. God, I hate that area.

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