Hmm. The current Red Wombat print just isn’t working for large scale production–it was okay for a few test prints, but now I’m pulling maybe one good print out of four, and even the good ones are more imperfect than I’d like. I’m using decent paper, and I’m doing everything I did for the chicken–I think the design itself is just inherently flawed. The lines are too fine, and clog with ink too easily, so while it’ll print okay once, I’m spending more time cleaning the block than I am printing. I can’t see getting twenty or thirty out without slitting my wrists with the Speedball carving tool.

So, we’ve learned that just because you can make it print cleanly doesn’t mean it’ll KEEP printing cleanly.

Ah, well. Live and learn.

Since there was so much interest in a wombat print, I’m thinking I’ll do another in that size range on a wombat theme, and offer that one to those on the waiting list instead–obviously there’s no obligation, and there’s no need to comment again, the old list will stand–but I definitely need a more workable design.

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