Comment Theatre

My ankle is sprained, not broken. Let there be much rejoicing!

…and I’ve been taken to task for…err…you know, I’m not sure what exactly I’ve been taken to task for.

Hmm… You’ll all hate me, but I don’t think thie idea of “de-cutified” My Little Pony, or generally twisting the cute/innocent things is original – these days, it seems much more popular than the things it parodies. And, I repeat, sometimes it seems you make anti-aesthetic stuff because your fans expect it from you – not because that’s what you want. And this has led to less sophisticated art. You’re in danger of becoming a trendwhore of a trend you yourself have set, IMHO.


I’m still not quite sure what they’re getting at–am I not supposed to make stuff if my fans might expect it? But then if I’m not doing that because my other fans expect me not to–oh, lord, I’m confused–but it sorta makes me want to do a whole herd of vile ponies.

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