Had another of my tangled dreams last night, which involved multiple complicated plot lines about being an undead queen, either revenant or reincarnated or possibly both, leadin’ the troops in battle against…something or other…underwater. I actually recall paying attention to my breathing as I went into the water, thinking “Okay, I’m panting now, but I’m undead, so I oughta be able to inhale water without a problem…” ducked underwater, and felt my mouth fill up with water–and then I just stopped breathing, no questions asked.

This would have been fascinating, but was regrettably interspersed with nightmares of being naked at the bookstore. One would assume an undead warrior queen would not have that problem, but I nevertheless found myself holding a gazeteer as modestly as possible. Then a bunch of crusading knights showed up and wiped out my people, forcing me to try to dig a hole to hide in. It was one of those weird things where despite everybody standing around looking at you, they can’t SEE you, so I was digging this hole in plain view, while everybody wondered where I’d gone. Dreams are weird like that.

The only really notable thing was an interesting creature called a “woestrider” who was like a burly ragged scarecrow, in an overcoat, on stilts hung with rags. He was a named elite (my brain slipped into WoW interface for part of it) and I expected him to try to kill me, but instead he attempted to sell me life insurance. He was gruff but not a bad sort. Except for the life insurance.

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