The Annual Plug

Well, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again.

Once a year, Ursula gets out her marketing hat and says, “Hey, guys, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, consider prints! We have the inexpensive and the less inexpensive, all of them signed by the artist, suitable for everything from small children to serious weirdoes.” (Small children who happen to BE serious weirdoes are even better.) They’re different and weird, and you can take care of half your list with one order! Great gifts for people who you don’t know how to shop for. They will either be delighted or baffled, and either one is good!

Seriously, this is a really good time to order if you’re thinking about it, because mail gets really congested come December, and if you’re planning on sending a check, or if you have an international order, if you wait until mid December, we’re lookin’ at it comin’ right down to the wire. Heck, order now, and you have time to dither over whether to frame stuff! You can sit back and laugh when everybody runs out in a panic the day after Thanksgiving, and while they’re gone, eat all the leftover pie, because YOU were smart and ordered prints!

Pie! Prints! PIE!

Anyway, prices range from $10 for the small to $20 for the large and a range up to $45 for some of the big limited editions, we have plenty of thematically related sets–slugs! Small pink lizards! A-B-Cs! Elemental Mice! Weird Fruit! Shipping is always combined, Paypal, check, money order, cowrie shells and some trades acceptable! E-mail at setik (at) to set up an order, and other than a reminder plug in December, this will be your only shameless commercialization for the year. Probably.

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