My contributor’s copy of Expose 3 arrived in the mail yesterday! As with any anthology, there’s the good, the bad, the ones that could maybe do something with their hair, although since I know way less about 3-D, I’m not really equipped to judge quality on a chunk of it. But Sir Bunny and the Bad Egg hold up pretty well in their surroundings, and it warms my twitchy little heart.

Unfortunately, the really good art is…god, it’s almost too awful to say aloud…inspiring.

I have exactly one week left to prep for this convention. Getting “B” done was a major coup, and I have almost given up on more for the art show, but I have Diggers to do and prints to organize and errands to run and mats to have cut. I haven’t even started running off print sets, and since I suspect the Elemice will do well, and have hopes for the ABCs–and haven’t even scanned the new art for the show, let alone run prints–I have a very busy week ahead.

I cannot afford to be inspired right now. Fifty weeks of the year, the Muse can scream in my ear, and I’ll drop everything and sprint to Painter, but these two weeks, she’s out of luck. Must not be inspired! Must not go “ooooh…that’s a cool leaf technique…I wonder if you could do that with a pale green base and pulling the dark round camelhair up…NO! Must fight! Insidious! CURSE YOU, MUSE!

Ahem. I’m fine. It’s all good. Any noises you hear from the studio are totally routine and no reason at all to call the authorities. It’s aaaaaallll good.

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