Go, Gimpy!

Gimpy the squirrel, in addition to being fat and sleek, has evidentally gotten some use of the leg back. He’ll never be able to put weight on it–the foot’s stuck with the sole up, so he’d be walking on the top of his foot–but he can scratch with it quite effectively, and is sitting on the railing making little squirrely grimaces of delight while scratching his ear vigorously.

I suspect that his ankle was broken in the initial assault, and has fused into a non-functional joint, hence the stiff foot position. His hip, which looked dislocated for a long time, seems to function surprisingly well now–I know dogs can form a false joint if they have an untreated dislocated hip, and I wonder if Gimpy’s done that, since he’s getting a good, vigorous range of motion with the leg now, and I can’t imagine it would just pop back in months after the injury–it was obviously dangling for quite a long time after the swelling went down.

Speculation aside, Gimpy’s lookin’ good.

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