You know, after years of doin’ art, you’d think I’d have learned how I work best by now. You’d think I’d have learned not to second-guess myself. You’d think that I’d have the slimmest shred of faith in my own ability to pull stuff off, and not fret that I am somehow Doing It Wrong.

Nah. I have to get all anal and plan too far ahead, just in case, as if there was some chance that I would just kinda forget to color half the painting. I have to anally wash an underpainting into an area, because god forbid I strike out without a blueprint. I might forget! I might somehow lose my mind and think it should be chartreuse instead of Paynes gray!

I…might have to spend an hour and a trip to the harware store to get 400 grit sandpaper to fix my attempt at over planning.

That’ll teach me.

However, on the bright side, clayboard is insanely forgiving if you have sandpaper.

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