More or less all I have accomplished to day is running off prints, and looking at art, and reading through the Narbonic archives.

This was not exactly productive, but I did get a lot of prints run off. However, I still have a lot yet to go.

I had a brief moment when I gazed out the window and thought “I’ve lost my angst. I have none. I have not done a painting about heartbreak or loss or suffering or grief in years. I am angstless. God help me. I must remedy this! I must do something that speaks to lost love and broken hearts and the unbearable weight of suffering! I must speak to mortality and the ages! I must…hey…you know, a little bunny and a freaky baroque clock would look awfully neat…”

And thus passed Ursula’s monthly struggle with her lack of inner demons, in the usual fashion.

More prints!

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