Finished a teeny 5 x 7 of a riding guinea pig. Currently sorting prints and updating the filing system, taking notes on what we need more of, etc. Since we’re looking at something like a hundred and fifty plus different prints, this is a pretty hefty task. I’ve cut a few that never, ever, ever sell, but it’s rough, since I’m too damn prolific, so I might get three or four culls, vs. twenty new paintings. Since a lot of the slots are empty (having sold out at some point) there’s a lot of consulting of master lists, and since things get filed in the wrong places, it’s usually easier just to yank EVERYTHING out, and refile it all. Once all the old stuff is in place, I need to update the master list with all the new art, and get it into the books.

There is a certain weird satisfaction in bringing order to chaos, mind you, so it’s not a bad job, just a time consuming one.

After this, print set cover sheets! And then I can gaze upon the hideous mountain that is…jumbo prints. *weeps*

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