Con, Thoughts, and Soliciting Suggestions

So I’m getting ready for Anthrocon, as a few of you may have noticed.

This is stressful, but not as stressful as it could be–the other day, I crushed my anxiety creature under the blocky hodgepodge of my math skills, when I realized that between the big art (including hopefully “Frog Tribe” if I can track down the little hangy deals) and the prints, I actually don’t have all that much room, and four to six small pieces would be more than sufficient to fill it out. So I don’t actually need to go nuts–a coupla small pieces, and it’s okay. (I DO need to go nuts for Trinoc, where I have lots of space, mind you, but I’m somewhat less stressed there, because my fantasy art, like “Squash Drummer” and “Squid Tree” can fill out a good bit of space. My art sales at Trinoc usually aren’t half bad, so I need to do some small pieces for there, but I’m not panicky about that yet for some reason.)

However, the big thing this year is gonna be the jumbo prints at the table, and here I have a slight problem, because my table space is not nearly sufficient to spread out ten or twenty different 13 x 19 prints in bags. While I can hang a few on the wall with velcro tape, by way of advertising, I simply don’t have an efficient way to display so many.

It occurs to me while writing this that if I can find one of those 13 x 19 binder books, I could just do them like the print books, only huge. (See, writing about your problems helps!) Does anybody have any other suggestions for displaying a large number of jumbo prints in a reasonably small space? My table is already much more cluttered than a lot of the other artists, what with three prints books and a slew of merchandise. (I’m wondering if some sort of little square rack for T-shirts/mousepads might be worthwhile, and where I’d get one…) Another print book, particularly a huge one…erf. But then again, I could probably fold the relatively small adult book into the other two, and just have the little blocked off section at the back.

Also! Semi-related–assuming that Ursula were craaaazy enough and linear enough to actually do “B,” would anybody be interested in a print set of A, B, and C of the animal alphabet, for say, $20? Or a set of the three jumbo prints for $50? (I’m wondering if it’s worth it to do B in time for Anthrocon and sell sets. Because I have so much table space, of course.)

Edit: SUPER SEKRIT ARTIST KNOWLEDGE — guys, if you’re selling art at a dealer’s table, get thee to and make an order. Trust the Ursula. Twenty to forty bucks on bags will make your life so, so, so much easier.

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