I feel rather vague.

Not bad, not unhappy, not all that tired, just…vague. I think it’s that the art I need to do is all my own stuff, and nothing is rattling the Muse’s cage at the moment screaming “Paintmepaintmepaintmepaintme!” so I am puttering around at loose ends. I have a painting started, and plenty more ideas, I’m not blocked, I’m just sort of unfocused. I have three weeks to con, and I already have a number of pieces for it, so my sense of panic isn’t slipping into gear. (Foolish, foolish sense of panic.)

Having said that, doubtless an idea will streak from the heavens at any moment, heating up on entry, leaving a trail of smoke and ideastuff and a series of small sonic booms, rattling the windows and flattening the more wussy trees, before finally smashing with cataclysmic force between my eyes. Something totally unsuited to taking to conventions, of course, something complex and involved that will eat up my time from now to Anthrocon, while my mouse-with-lima-beans languishes with only a wash of yellow ochre over him. And I will come out of thise daze with a week left on the calender and nothing done, and then the wailing and gnashing of teeth will begin.

But for now…vague.

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