First day of my buddy Eric’s D&D campaign!

It’s a fun premise–everybody makes a character, and a physical description, which are swapped around by the GM. Then everybody wakes up with amnesia, and nobody knows what they can do, what class they are, etc, just the physical description, and you figure out if you can do something more or less by doing it and failing, or succeeding, or whatever. Since we all woke up in robes on a hilltop, with a dead guy, were set upon by an enraged villager, and ran away to all sorts of unpleasant adventure, it’s been a real learning experience.

So far I’ve determined that I am a male elf with at least one rank of hiding and a certain skill with daggers. I am not good at wilderness survival or keeping my mouth shut. I cannot fish. I have looted bodies before. I suspect I’m a rogue, but you never know–there are plenty of legitimate reasons one could do any of those things and also be a priest or a gardener or a chicken or something. This sort of system requires the GM to keep track of a great deal, but fortunately he seems up to it, and it’s a fun premise.

For lack of better names, we’ve been reduced to “Gnomey,” “Orky,” “Dwarfy,” and “Chicky” (“Humany” did not have the right ring to it.) I was “Elfy” for a bit, but our GM described me as “twitchy” and the name stuck. Our final member, who couldn’t join us, got to stay unconscious for the duration, and so we lugged a body around. But it’s not D&D unless we’re dragging a body, now, is it?

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