Today was staggeringly unproductive.

I spent hours trying to come up with a painting layout, going through my archive of bird photos and scenery, waiting for lightning to strike…nothin’. Finally bit the bullet, told myself sternly to quit dithering, and started a painting, flung myself at it with teeth and toenails and…swing and a miss. I shouldn’t have added a background, the figure was a good little study, but the background ate it for lunch.

On the bright side, the grackles discovered the feeder today. For most people, that’s probably NOT a bright side, but I got some good grackle photos, and I have always had a soft spot for that generally unappreciated bird–unlike, say, starlings, which should be exterminated ruthlessly and with extreme prejudice.

Tomorrow will be better. Homily, homily, etc. If I could paint effortlessly every day, I’d…um…well, shit, I’d paint effortlessly every day is what. Not sure where I was going with that one.

Eh, some days you get the bear…

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