Wow! Against all odds and all the myriad forces of heredity–my cholesterol is DROPPING. It’s down to 208, 11 points down from last year, and my bad cholesterol has dropped 25 points, and is closing in on normal.

I was all resigned to go on Zocor–with my family history, I just assumed there was no hope at all–but evidentally I’m not all that many points from normal, so the doctor recommended a few pills and to keep doing whatever I’m doing.

…which would be great, if I had any idea what I’m doing. I’m still eating bacon and eggs every morning. I’m still subsisting on fast food and James’s rib-sticking put-hair-on-your-chest why-not-add-a-little-more-cream cuisine. The only things that have changed in my diet is the addition of toast (and not wheat toast, either) and the subtraction of my 5-coke-a-day habit down to 2-or-3-cokes-a-week. I am willing to believe that the loss of Coke made a radical difference, mind you. And about once a week I manage to walk a mile. Sometimes.

Against all odds, for a generally sedentary woman, who can see middle age looming on the horizon like a distant mountain range, who couldn’t diet if a gun was held to her head, I am pretty healthy. I need to lose ten or fifteen pounds, and I could desperately use some actual muscle tone, but…dude, my cholesterol’s going down. Nobody in my family EVER has their cholesterol go down.


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