Report from Furfest!

Everything’s going well here at Furfest–they’re actually not working me all that hard, the panel load is more than reasonable, and I got through my first panel (if you can call it a panel when I’m the only one up there!) on backgrounds without dying, although I did ramble rather a lot. Sales were slow Friday, but sales are always slow Friday, so I’m not all that worried–Saturday’s the big money day, and Sunday usually hauls in a good chunk of change too.

Laptop’s doin’ great–haven’t had much opportunity to use the tablet PC function yet, but the wi-fi alone is fantastic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach to the dealer’s room, which meant that I had a bad moment yesterday when I was manning the table, and James was up in the room trying to reconnect the wireless and find me photos of elk for a sketchbook commission (I got elk AND moose for the first two sketchbooks of the con, and there’s an antelope on the waiting list. Either hoofstock is on the rise, or I’m just hitting a peculiarly ungulatish patch.) (No foxes yet!) So I was manning the table, with a panel to get to in like three minutes, and no James, because he was wrestling with wireless. In desperation, I was casting about for how to manage, when lo! Like slightly scruffy angels, Pseudo-Manitou and Leona arrived from the blue, and took over my table at a moment’s notice, so that I could scamper off. Great to see ’em again, had dinner, always a pleasure. (And I must trade for Pseudo prints! Muahaha!)

Lot of good art here this year–Watergazer and Kenket are both here, along with the usual roster, and it’s cool to see MFF getting big. The Con definitely treats the GoHs right–we were wined and dined Friday, they’re abundantly cool, and I have a care package stocked with chocolate, Coke, and Micron pens, which is the sort of detail that really makes you feel loved. The other GoHs are also cool–been having a lot of fun chatting with ’em.

And, as always, it’s enormously flattering to have someone come up out of nowhere and say “Hey! I love your stuff!” Possibily in twenty years I will be jaded to this, but at the moment, it’s still terribly gratifying. Even more gratifying to my evil sense of humor, however, is that James now has fans–I’ve had a few people say variations on “I read your blog! Did you bring James? I’m a big fan of his!” James, valiant slayer of millipoos and heroic rooter through cat vomit, bears this all with his usual aplomb.

Anyway, that’s about it…so far, so good!

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