We live!

Wireless internet is a groovy thing. Typing this on the laptop in a hotel room in Indiana. Been a good trip so far, got most of the driving done today, laptop is doin’ good. Playing Civ in the car makes the trip go faster. It also feels geekily decadent. James kept crowing with delight whenever we’d drive by a wireless network unsecured on the road and the little menu would pop up.

James is a neverending font of amusement in the car, of course. I won’t inflict the song about the noseweasels on my readers, but some highlights included:

“You know, I’ll never forget…”
*dead silence for at least a minute*
“You’ll never forget what?”

(As we drove under an astoundingly large flock of small black birds, sweeping from tree to tree across the freeway) “Wow! That’s so cool. That’s just cool. I’ve never seen anything like that. That’s so cool–AAAAAGHH! The windshield!” (You drive under several thousand birds, you takes your chances…)

(After I’d said something snide) “Don’t make me hack into the FBI from some hillbilly’s wi-fi and download porn!”

And my personal favorite, for disturbing imagery:

“My god! That man we passed was using his nose like a prostitute!”

Never a dull moment, really…

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