Angels of Gearworld:

I feel sort of stoned now. My creative brain has been running the show for a couple of days, and is only now slowly letting the deathgrip on my consciousness go, and the thinking brain, who’s been making do with severely limited resources, is sort of picking through, kind of like someone getting back on a computer used by a well-meaning but computer illiterate relative–you gotta run the virus checker and clean off all the spyware and update the programs and defrag the hard drive and figure out how the hell they managed to do some of the weirder things that have apparently been done.

Err, yeah.

Anyway, I do think that working on skin tones with physical media has been very good for me–when I started working on a digital piece for an interior illo, the face came out much better than usual. I think it’s because I’ve had to really, really think about faces while I paint these physical pieces, my brain is doing the constant low-level sub-verbal mutter “nose red, cheeks red, eye sockets blue, forehead blue, chin blue…” and it’s carried over quite well. And while I’ve always believed that working in different media is good, it’s kinda nice to have proof (or as close to proof as subjective art stuff gets.)

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