“While closely related to elephant garlic, mammoth garlic is shaggier and has much more dramatic tusks, making its home in the far north. A typical herd is led by a garlic matriarch and contains a number of adult females and their young cloves. While female garlic remains with the herd, juvenile males will eventually leave to join the loose bachelor herds of garlic bulls.”


I can explain.

I think.

Give me a minute.

Okay, I was at my parent’s place, I was drunk, there was this swedish apple brandy involved, and I had a glass and set it down on the table and gazed blankly at my stepfather, who was slicing a lemon, and I said “How come nobody taxidermies vegetables?” and it all kinda snowballed from there, with the lemonlopes and…well, anyway.

The only thing I can say consistently about my art is that it always makes sense in my head at the time.

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