*screams a bit*

NPR is discussing a new set of “concientious objector” laws whereby medical professionals can refuse care/medication based on their moral or religious convictions.

In other words, a pharmacist could refuse to give out birth control pills for religious reasons, which seems to be the scenario most under discussion, with several pharmacists calling in to say that if they get someone who wants to go on birth control, they will try to talk to the patient about the immorality of birth control, and then refuse to dispense it, despite not, y’know, being their doctor.

If any pharmacist EVER tries that shit with me, they will find my foot so far up their ass that I’ll be able to wiggle my toes and make ’em cough. I will make them regret the fact that their parents did not use birth control (or at least that mine didn’t, if they are thinking clearly by that point, which, if I’ve done it right, they won’t be.) Security will probably remove me forcibly at some point after that, but they’ll be treating that bastard for post-traumatic stress for the next decade, if I have my way.

What is WITH this country and people thinking that they have some right to butt into other people’s sex/reproductive lives or lack thereof?

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