I can’t get over this color scheme. It’s so pink! It’s mostly quinacridone magenta. My tube was an ancient, crustified mass inherited from my mother, which I eventually had to cut open, scrape with a palette knife, and soak. Then I read the warning about something called formaldehyde phenol. Hmm. Well, it’s wedged nicely under my fingernails now, so if I start to froth and twitch and develop mutant superpowers (presumably the ability to turn things magenta, although I could hope to be the Magenta Lantern) you’ll know why.

Anyway, the neat thing is that these are fairly quick–I slop down a lot of paint on the background a coupla times, and then define the rocks. The only part that needs to be left blank is the lizards. This appeals to my inner slacker. They look rather better in the flesh, I think–being digital eats some of the subtlety, since the light goes through the watercolor in layers when you see it, but not when it’s scanned, so what’s a nice complex pink-over-blue-over red turns into “vague purple” on the screen. But that’s the sort of thing you can’t really fix with 72 dpi, so I’m not all that worried about it, and this is pretty close.

Yes, the rocks are phallic. But they’re not THAT phallic. I think we all know by now just how phallic they could get…

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