Holy Spring, Batman!

Spring is just unbelievable.

Yesterday morning, I had about given up on my attempts to grow scarlet morning glories, nasturtiums, chinese lantern and scarlet runner beans from seed. Nothin’ goin’ on in the peat pots. Like a slightly soggy sahara. I bought some nasturium last weekend, in fact, because of how non-sprouting the thing had been for weeks on end. (I love nasturiums. I don’t eat the flowers, I just love them. I don’t know why.)

I go out today, and the scarlet runner beans are two inches tall, (and it was bare dirt before!) the morning glories are above ground, and even those recalcitrant nasturiums have made an appearance. Because of this, I will probably have an insane glut of nasturiums. This is fine by me. There’s a whole yard of poor soil that nasturtiums can be very happy in.

Spring amazes me.

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