The fact that in not quite four years in office, Bush has taken over 500 days of vacation makes me froth. That’s over a year out of office! Clinton, whatever one may think of him, took 152 in eight years! My god!

Then again, given my general feelings on Bush, maybe the fact that he spends less time behind the reins is a good thing…if only he’d take Cheney with him….

Well, that bit of obligatory quarterly griping aside, here’s the concrete froggy!

He’s acrylic 18 x 24 on masonite. I was pretty pleased with the texture–it’s not quite where I want the concrete to be yet, but it’s starting to get there. It’s a nice background texture, anyhow, and makes me want to go vaguely Brom and do Weird Creepy Characters On Concrete, which I haven’t done for quite awhile. I wonder what my Weird Characters would look like now…I wonder if an unholy synthesis of Brom and Christiansen is possible, let alone wise.

Since there are three canvases/boards on the floor of my studio in various stages of the concrete treatment, there’ll probably be more variations on this theme. Gotta get those originals out for cons somehow!

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