Having sold the Cardinal painting–to a very good home, I hasten to add!–I was thinking it’ll be odd not to have it around the house anymore, since it’s right in front of me on the wall when I leave the studio. So I was thinking about the cardinals, and the dogwoods are currently blooming, and I wound up doodling a quick little watercolor of a cardinal in spring. It’s obviously nowhere near the complexity of the original, but it amused me.


Hmm. Auctions still up, put up some little originals as well that were cluttering up my studio space–generally stuff I wasn’t quite happy with and so I had left them out to work on when I figured out what needed to happen, and then a few weeks slid by and they were just taking up valuable real estate atop the watercolor pile. So to auction they go!


And now that it appears I’ve gotten an agent for the Anthrocon art show–time to get to work on originals! Yaaaah! Once more into the breach!

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