I have a quandry. I am not going to Anthrocon, since I didn’t reserve a dealer’s table, but I’m being offered the space in the art show that I had last year. The art show is usually worth a coupla hundred bucks, which is enough for me to want to enter, but not nearly enough to cover the cost of getting up there and staying in a hotel.

So is anybody goin’ up that way who’d want to act as agent? Preferably someone who’s hung stuff at a con before and knows the drill? It’d have to be an absolute confirmed hell-yes-I’m-gonna-be-there, since I’d be mailing art to the hotel a coupla days in advance. Basically you’d just have to spend an hour or so on the first day hanging the art, and filling ou the paperwork, then another hour unhanging the unsold art, packing it, and mailing it back (I’d pay the shipping back.) There’s no money and no particular glory, and generally it’s a tedious pain in the ass, but I’d be terribly grateful and could probably be relied upon to scrape up a small art token of appreciation.

Failing this, I may also try a mail-in–they only take a limited number, so if I can get an agent I trust, I’d much rather go that way, but I may try it. But if anybody of sober and reliable mien is heading that way, drop me a line!

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