I got the high cholesterol blues…

Well, the blood tests came back, and to no one’s great surprised, my cholesterol, like that of both parents, is high. (230, to be precise, with an equally elevated Bad Cholesterol.) I suppose should be grateful I’m not like Dad, who’s up in the 300s. Everything else is perfectly okay, and my blood pressure is fabulous enough that I’m not exactly at high risk for anything, but the cholestrol…well, no surprise there.

My suspicion is that this is a chronic family ailment, and that I will not have a great deal of success controlling it through conventional means. However, the doctor wants it dropped forty points, and I will give it t’old wombat try. I’m not particularly overweight–packing the extra five or ten, like most of humanity in this country, but not bad–but I will try the daily walks through the neighborhood.

And then there’s diet.

I’ll be honest with you, the odds of my giving up James’s potatoes and chicken with heavy cream death sauce are pretty slim. More veggies, sure, but there are limits.

However…(inhale) I will try to give up Coke and replace it with tea. Again. It’s my worst addiction, and I consume enough of it, sugars, carbs, and empty calories that it is, that if I shed that particular one, there would probably be significant changes in t’old body chemistry. So I’ll try that, and the exercise, before I start going into subtractive diet mode.

Anybody got any suggestions for good cholesterol busting foods? (And not bran. There are limits.)

And now, to go take a walk…

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