Doodling up ideas for Midwest Furfest. I like jobs like this. Nobody wants anything specific, they just want you to do Stuff. In your style. On maybe a particular theme. And this makes me happy.

I am beginning to get a nagging suspicion–which I shove firmly back into the closet whenever it oozes out from under the door–that I don’t want to do freelance illustration for a living…I wanna do my own stuff, and sell it, and have people buy it. This is something of a change for me–for many years, my highest ambition was to be a freelancer who worked on art for big companies. I don’t know quite how I feel about it.

However, since it’ll be a long time until I can do that, my short-term goals have not changed significantly–I still want to work on art for big companies (which would neccessitate sending out another set of mailing here soon..) that’s just not my highest ambition anymore.

Then again, I suppose anyone who’s ambitions stay the same from eighteen through the rest of their life probably has problems anyhow.

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