Ninja Gaiden

James is playing “Ninja Gaiden” on the Xbox, which, since it’s on a big screen TV, means that I can practically see the nose-hair maps on the character if I glance over to my right. So I’ve been kibbitzing, of course. And these are the things that make me realize that good god, I am a geek.

U: “Hey….those things move exactly like Voldo from Soul Caliber!”
J: “Don’t they, though?”

U: “I don’t approve of that. Looting museums is wrong.”
J (smashing glass cases): “Only when bad people do it.”

U: “Whoa! Slime-covered cleavage ahoy!”

It is a hard game. I can tell this by the number of times James dies, cursing the makers for not putting enough save points in. According to Penny Arcade, if you play the Hard setting, ninjas come to your door and beat you up. I believe it.

Sure looks gorgeous, though. For low-poly models, they’re spectacular.

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