Yesterday was a frustrating evening. James spent a good hour trying to fight a level boss–a giant purple demon woman in a thong and copper nipple armor, who flung hot pink fireballs–and I labored for about four hours on a figure that the gearworld ultimately didn’t want in it and which had to be scrapped. Then I spent another half hour slapping scribbles in to see what DID want to fill that space, before finally settling on–surprise, surprise–another gear. (What’re the odds?) Of course, by then I was too tired to actually paint it, and so staggered off to bed to dream in Ninja Gaiden format, of being trapped in the Unseelie Court and discovering that some unscrupulous individual had been selling fairies as slave labor to sweat shops. They were being stored in little silver pillbox-things until they were needed, and I had to track ’em down and rescue them or the other fairies were going to kill me. There was a Native-American-esque fox spirit (cheesy, I know. Damn you, subconscious!) a coupla assorted Irish werewolves, a were-elephant (okay, that was kinda cool) a grab bag of trollish things, and, for some odd reason, silverblue (who may be bemused to know that my subconscious decided she was in the Unseelie Court, and furthermore making Nikes in a sweatshop somewhere. I got no idea either.)

But hey, thems the breaks. Today is another day, the rain has rained, the trees are dark and soggy, and the highlighter-headed woodpecker looks like something you’d put up to warn traffic to go around. And I must put the gearworld on hold for at least part of the day, and finally finish Mr. Clean if it kills me.

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