Got Loki’s test results back.

They weren’t good.
They weren’t bad.
Actually, nobody can tell what the hell they were.

So far as the blood test shows, Loki isn’t diabetic. His urine glucose (what I test at home) is ungodly high, but his blood sugar is actually subnormally low, and a lot of the other indicators for diabetes (which were there last time!) are now missing. The vet, being a good scientist, is not willing to say that Loki has stopped being diabetic based on one blood test, but it’s weird, particularly since the urine glucose is insanely high.

He is also severely anemic. This could mean that he has been having prolonged gastointestinal bleeding, or that he has an auto-immune disorder. But his stool has only been bloody for two days, not nearly enough time to get his red blood cells so low, and a lot of the indicators for an immune disorder come out negative on the blood test, and would anyway would not cause him to suddenly have bloody stool.

The vet is tentatively guessing he’s bleeding in the GI tract, due to an ulcer or a tumor or any number of fascinating and unpleasant things that can go wrong with a cat’s guts, and says to keep giving him the pink gunk, which will help form a mucus bandage on his innards.(science is so disgusting and cool) Also, I am to keep watch on the byproducts of Loki’s hind end like some kind of bizarre species of poo-hawk. There are a few excitingly expensive options for checking the GI tract, including running a teeny little camera through his guts, but both the vet and I agreed to take a more fiscally conservative response and see if the meds won’t fix him before goin’ hog wild with fiberoptics. So we’re in a holding pattern for another two days.

On the bright side, he will now eat a little kibble a few times a day. But only out of my hand, and only if I sit there making idiotic encouraging noises while he delicately picks kibble off my palm.

I am the cat’s bitch.

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