On a much, much happier note, Comixpedia did a year-in-review of webcomics article, which included some very nice things said about “Digger.”


(I think on some level I’m afraid that as soon as people start thinking my work is promising, the pressure will get to me, I’ll panic, and they’ll find me swinging from a lamp, whooping hysterically, while scribbling a comic on the ceiling of Digger in drag–not that anyone could tell–wandering through Ganesh’s House ‘O Bondage or something. This is unlikely and hasn’t happened yet, but I have a terror of failing to meet people’s expectations.)

However, that vague concern did nothing to tarnish the warm and fuzzy feeling I got from so many kind mentions of my favorite wombat. I am very flattered, and being sandwiched between a sick cat and a root canal, it was a great pick-me-up.

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