The phrase “I want…a bunny!” keeps running through my head.

The weird thing is that I don’t want a bunny. I have no problem with bunnies (except in Australia and island ecosystems, where they should of course be terminated with extreme prejudice) but I also have no particular love of them–they’re cute, but I’m fine with the cats. I am pretty neutral on the bunny issue.

So I dunno why my brain keeps randomly flinging the statement “I want a bunny!” like bunny shaped pebbles into my (clogged, eddying, beaver dam somewhere thattaway) stream of consciousness.

Hmm, if my stream of consciousness really WERE a stream, I wonder what it’d look like? I have a feeling there’d be lots of those little rocky backwaters where things get stuck and float around for ages before finally making a dizzying, watery swvooop! to freedom. And then a fish eats it. And there’d be moss. And those little mini-waterfally things that look real picturesque and then you try and cross by walking on it and fall and bruise your shins all to hell. I doubt it ever freezes over, but it certainly gets clogged with debris on a regular basis, lots of bright yellow leaves and rather less inspiring mud-brown leaves that clot up and decay and rain mulchy fragments down on the rocks. And irritable crayfish lurking somewhere, under big rounded rocks with thin white inclusions, shaking their claws wrapped in fishing line at each other like elderly curmudgeons trying to keep the kids off their lawn.

And frogs, of course. Goes without saying. And newts, both because newts are neat, and because the word “newt!” is fun to say. (Of course, so is “saaaalamander.” That brand of amphibian really lucked out with the monikers.)

And evidentally, somewhere, bunnies. Or possibly a small sign saying “I want bunnies,” despite the lack of any desire for bunnies anywhere. Hey, it’s my stream, I can put up meaningless signs if I want to…

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