I had a dream t’other night that I was on a spaceship full of space knights–vaguely Jedi-ish, but with a sort’ve Roman legion flair–which crash landed in a cavern full of dark elves, precipitating an epic battle with the drow hordes while I attempted to sneak Indiana-Jones-style into their temple and steal the Magic Something Or Other.

I woke up and came to two realizations–A) Damn, I’m geeky and B) I did not enjoy this dream nearly as much as I should have. There are undoubtedly people for whom a Jedi/drow battle dream would be the culmination of their existence. I can’t help but feel this was completely wasted on someone who would like to see Lucas eaten by fireants and will retreat to the other side of the aisle when she sees R.A. Salvatore’s name on something.

What a waste.

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