Had a peculiar muscle ache today–in the right arm, which always fills me with dread. I need that arm! That’s mah paintin’ arm!

However, it was not the stab of carpal tunnel, nor the warning twinge of wrist strain, both of which I have a certain intimacy with, but a peculiar jabbing ache around the backside of the bicep unlike any muscle twinge I’ve had before. So I spent the morning doing the next “Digger” installment and lounged around for the rest of the day, determinedly staying off the computer and the paintbrushes. It went away for now, leading me to believe I might’ve slept on it funky, or been holding my book wrong, or leaned on it weird during the movie yesterday, or something. But I’m still using it gently for now and thus have no long eloquences to record. The brain is willing, but the flesh is weak, and the that particular chunk of flesh has veto power.

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