Finished the mandrake root creature. Whew. I was actually pretty pleased with it–it went real mixed media, watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, and I had to pick up some acrylic inks and fluid acrylic to get it all working–even gouache wasn’t opaque enough for my nefarious purposes. But that was cool, since it’s neat stuff to work with, and I’ll probably keep playing with the acrylic inks. Unfortunately, the only places that I can upload it are Deviantart, and since it’s anthroSOMETHING and I’ve been good about staying under the 5% off-topicness, VCL–many of my usual haunts will draw the line at even the somewhat stemmy vegetative genetalia. (I didn’t add rooty pubic hair, on the principle that A) it was too much and B) I can only spend so long with a size 1 brush before I go barking mad and start chewing on the desk.)


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