Well, after a few frustrating days of hammering on it, I finally got this sucker done. Whew. Thought I was gonna lose my mind on that cow.

I had so much fun with the Wockwurm, and it went over so well, I figured I’d try to do a few more with that real animated, tongues-a-flapping style. Possibly I’m in Invader Zim withdrawal. They don’t show it here. I miss the Zim tongues. I miss the screams of “Filthy human stinkchildren!” I dunno. It’s okay. It’s no wockwurm, though.

Graphic Smash will launch next month, with Digger, and I gotta get my strips in three weeks in advance, so I’m hustling to get some more Digger done, so that I have a good solid backlog and don’t have to burn out over a weekend drawing wombats any time soon. Also had to do Digger ads, Digger “updated” icons, and so forth. Good thing she’s easy to draw…

And, as a minor annoyance, Loki’s blood sugar is STILL really high, so I’ll test ‘im again tomorrow, and if he’s still way up there, I guess I’ll have to bring him into the vet again so that they can tell me “Yup, he needs a bigger dose.” (How much more can that cat take?!) Fortunately, now that we’ve done this a coupla times, I feel no particular concern over it–it’s another routine dosage adjustment, and more money flapping away into the night. Flap, money, flap! Flap like the wind! Still, he’d do it for me. I think. Assuming he didn’t blow all his money on catnip and liver treats, which is a pretty big assumption.

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