Brown hyenas are cool.

I’ve seen still photos before, but not video, and the difference is really quite amazing–they’ve got the bulky hyena shoulders, covered in this very long, silky looking hair, and then these striped, short-haired legs. Watching them, I got the weirdest mental image of a group of men in drag–you know, the baritone-voiced kind that are probably not gonna pass for women even in poor lighting–wearing extravagant feather boas and striped stockings. It was a rather bizarre mental image, (and weirdly appropriate given the nature of hyena genitalia!) but for some reason, that’s what I thought of–transvestites of the Serengetti.

(And just because someone somewhere will probably take offense unless I make a disclaimer–you wanna dress up as men, women, or wombats, I don’t care. More power to you. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest–I have other fish to fry.)

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